Type of Sex Crimes

Types of Sex Crimes

There are a variety of offenses that can be categorized as a type of sex crime. A sex crime is a general term used to describe any misconduct involving an inappropriate sexual exchange, or form of sexual assault. Like many criminal wrongdoings, sexual offenses can carry a plethora of penalties and consequences for anyone convicted. If faced with a sex crime, it is important to recognize the type of sex crime you have been charged with and consult with a trusted lawyer, who is experienced in defending sex crimes, right away.

Types of Sex Crimes Can Include:

  • Sexual assault
  • Indecent exposure
  • Statutory rape
  • Rape
  • Soliciting for sex/prostitution
  • Child pornography

Sentencing for different types of sex crimes continues to grow increasingly more severe across the country.

Each state carries different laws regarding explicit sex crimes. While the nature of a sex crime in correlation to jail time and monetary penalties often remains the same- no matter what state you are in- the statute of limitations for different types of sex crimes may change, depending on where the criminal offense takes place; specifically what state.

For example, according to the 131st General Assembly of Ohio State Legislatures, the statute of limitations for sex crimes is now 25 years in recognition of House Bill 6, which was passed in June 2015. This provides victims of sex crimes an additional five-year window for prosecuting sexual offenses in the state of Ohio.

Some Federal lawmakers have proposed eliminating the statute of limitations for sex crimes, indefinitely. However, some remained concerned of the repercussions this could plausibly have for criminal defense cases across the nation.

Should I hire a Sex Crimes Lawyer?

Law surrounding sex crimes can be complicated. That’s why it is wise to hire a lawyer if you are facing a sex crimes lawsuit. In Ohio, sex indecency and exposure laws are known to be very complex.

If you need help sorting out a sex crime, calling a knowledgeable sex crimes lawyer should be your first move. An attorney can help you defend your personal rights, while speaking on your behalf to fight for your case in a court of law with aggressive tenacity.