Soliciting for Sex

Soliciting for Sex/Prostitution & Penalties in Ohio

Soliciting for sex and engaging in practices of prostitution are illegal in the state of Ohio.

According to Ohio Rev. Code 2907.24, it is illegal to solicit any person for sexual favors or activity in exchange for payment.

Prostitution and Loitering

In Ohio, one may also receive criminal penalties of prostitution for loitering. This means, that if you are making suggestive gestures to someone, or trying to stop them in public; or approaching the driver of a car; entering a car; or blocking a person’s movement- you may be found guilty of loitering.

A diagnosis of HIV positive can also effect one’s sentencing. For example, if you have tested positive for either HIV or AIDS and knowingly engage in sexual conduct with another person, you may face charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, criminal exposure, or even attempted murder.

Other acts surrounding prostitution and solicitation are also illegal. These sexual acts can include: pandering for sex; pimping, or promoting any sexual act for profit.