Racketeering Laws

Racketeering is a serious offense that requires an experienced criminal defense attorney to mitigate.

Racketeering is often an offense associated with organized crime. It often involves illegal activity that is performed as a part of an elaborate enterprise.

The federal Racketeer Influenced and Corruption Organizations Act (RICO), was designed to penalize people involved in any form of recognizable racketeering.

According to sources, RICO and the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970, were both created to eliminate the prevalence of bootleggers and other illicit manufacturing within the United States.

Many times, charges of racketeering are accompanied by other criminal offenses; such as: bribery, fraud, conspiracy or embezzlement, as these crimes are often related.

Racketeering Charges & Sentencing

Racketeering charges are often complicated, and carry with them serious penalties. It can be difficult to fight aggressive racketeering laws. However, with the help of an experienced legal defense attorney, all your rights will be preserved, and charges can often be reduced, depending on the circumstance.

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