When charged with a federal crime, such as drug trafficking or fraud, the crime may qualify as conspiracy if it was committed with the help of others.

Conspiracy charges often involves a vast web of investigation. Two individuals may be involved in the same conspiracy case, without ever having met one another.

In essence, for one to commit an illegal conspiracy crime, all they need to do is conspire with others to commit a crime. These charges may still come to fruition even if no crime is committed. This is sometimes referred to as an inchoate form of crime or offense. This means that an actual crime is never executed, but an individual’s intentions are still found to be illegal.

Conspiracy Charges

Handling a conspiracy charge can be incredibly hard on your own. If you are facing a conspiracy charge, and would like to find out more about conspiracy offenses, call (216) 497-5199 to speak with a skilled criminal defense attorney.

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